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First-time test takers, repeat test takers, and international nurses always asked me the same question. "How do I study?"

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I have found that what fully prepares students to pass the NCLEX is a comprehensive review course.

A good comprehensive review course consists of 5 components:

1) Content- Why is content so important.? Because the right content will give you a solid foundation. From this knowledge base, you will be able to answer all types of questions- priority, delegation, even those SAA questions.

2) Instructors- Great instructors will be able to explain the content clearly and give you great examples of clinical scenarios that will stay in your head during test time.

3) Practice Questions- Application & Analysis questions to practice daily.

4) TTT- Strategies to apply concepts and principles when selecting the right answer.

5 ) Study Plan - A well organized and realistic study plan based on your learning needs will maximize your time, decrease your test anxiety and increase your chances to succeed.

FNR offers comprehensive live lectures throughout the year and online courses available 24/7
Both courses include the 5 essential components, critical to ensure you are well prepared.
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"I Passed with Feuer!" - Leslie W, SNS

The review helped me so much and refreshed and connected what I learned in nursing school. My exam consisted of 75 questions and then the computer shut off. I studied so hard for the exam for two months straight and the exam took me about an hour and fifteen minutes. Thank you for your instruction and I could not have passed the exam without your review. ”

"It worked for me, it will work for you" - Ian B. 

“I have to say this – if it were not for the Feuer Nursing Review, I probably would not have the confidence I had the day I took my NCLEX-RN exam. Looking back, the course helped me brush up all the topics my classmates and I covered as a nursing student in the past 2 years at my alma mater’s accelerated BSN program. I was told by my mother’s co-worker that she had used Feuer to help her prepare for the NCLEX-RN, so I thought I would give it a try. 
I am proud to say that I passed my NCLEX-RN in 1 hour and currently on-track to become an E.R. Nurse all thanks to the Feuer Nursing Review. If it worked for me, it will work for you!”

"I took Feuer review and it helped me more than any other review class and material I had before." - Ma Socorro

Greetings of a blessed new year to each and every one….. I took the review last October, if I’m not mistaken, in Manhattan class. I took the test in December and I already passed. I took Kaplan more than twice and tried taking the test for a couple of times. I took the Feuer review and it helped me more than any other review class and materials I had before. The 6 days plus the pharma class put me on the right track and it kept me motivated. Thank you so much. My family especially my children will be having a better future because of how you helped me pass this test. God bless and more power!!!
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